10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Canadian Real Estate Law

Canadians really love their real estate whether it’s in the form of their home, cottage, farm or condominium.  Real estate investments involve the opportunity for financial gain, but they can also involve a great deal of risk and other assorted challenges.  These purchases are among the most important and serious investments made by Canadians.  In this website, I hope to de-mystify the top ten things you need to know about real estate law in Canada.

The goal of this website is to provide you with legal information, not legal advice about your case or situation.  If you need more information or an explanation of how the law may apply to your particular situation, please consult a lawyer. 

The views expressed in this website are not those of BNN, CTV or Ricketts, Harris LLP.  It is just me, giving you my take on Canadian law.  I hope it is of use to you and your family.

The content of this website is based on my book Strictly Legal.

—Michael Cochrane